We’re always looking for activities to help grow and develop the students in our community. That’s why the CGPS Athletic program (Go Lions!) is a natural extension of our high school curriculum. As part of a well-rounded education, the program focuses on the intellectual and moral development of each and every athlete. Our supportive coaches and staff look for growth in the area of character, personality, sportsmanship, teamwork, and skill.

We believe the Athletic program can play a critical role in our students becoming productive, contributing citizens of our community and society. Therefore, it’s our desire to see a large number of students participate. We encourage our coaches to select as many students as they can without compromising the integrity of the sport. When it comes to our Middle School and Junior Varsity teams, instead of reducing in size, we develop additional teams to accommodate everyone. As a result, CGPS has a strong participation rate with about 70% of the student body on one or more of our 33 competitive teams.



7th and 8th Grade Soccer (boys)

7th and 8th Grade Soccer (girls)

7th and 8th Grade Volleyball (girls)

7th and 8th Grade Cross Country (coed)

Varsity Cross Country (coed)

Varsity Soccer (boys and girls)

J.V. Soccer (boys)

J.V. Volleyball (girls)

Varsity Volleyball (girls)



7th and 8th Grade Basketball (boys A and B teams, girls)

J. V. Basketball (boys A and B teams, girls)

Varsity Basketball (boys and girls)

Varsity Swimming (girls)

Varsity Swimming (boys)

Varsity Ice Hockey (boys)

Varsity Indoor Track (coed)



7th and 8th Grade Boys’ Baseball

7th and 8th Grade Girls’ Softball

7th and 8th Grade Track (coed)

Varsity Track (coed)

Varsity Tennis (boys and girls)

Varsity Boys’ Baseball 

J.V. Boys’ Baseball 

Varsity Girls’ Softball

Varsity Golf (coed)

Varsity Boys’ Lacrosse

Varsity Girls’ Lacrosse

Click here to visit our Athletics website for team information, game schedules, news, and more!