Physical Education



At Columbia, we believe that regular activity and a healthy lifestyle can foster a positive self-image in our students, allowing them to take on intellectual, social, and emotional challenges in life. Participating in competitive activities also builds morale and develops character. The goal of the Physical Education program is to offer our students the opportunity to improve their cardiovascular fitness, strength, and flexibility. With an array of electives at the high school level, students are able to explore and obtain knowledge of physical activity according to their interests and abilities.

Our school has two gyms, an athletic training room, yoga room, dance studio, and weight room equipped with self-sufficient cardio machines. Beyond competitive athletics, students can choose from different forms of activity such as classes in weightlifting, yoga, and Wii dance. Starting in Grade 10, our students are also given the privilege of expanding on their talents and backgrounds by participating in organized programs outside of school for equal class credit. Aside from physical participation, students keep journals to track their progress and are assessed by progress reports and a written exam at the end of each semester.

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