Frequently Asked Questions

What will the ERB testing policy be for incoming Pre-K and Kindergarteners?

Columbia Grammar and Prep follows ISAAGNY's guidelines and no longer accepts the results of the ECAA administered by ERB (Educational Records Bureau). Although we do not require testing for Pre-K and K we will accept AABL (Admissions Assessment for Beginning Learners) if your child is taking AABL for another school.


What is your deadline for receiving applications?

Applications are available on September 1st are accepted until our deadline of December 1st.


How many students are enrolled in CGPS?

We have approximately 1300 students from Pre-K up through 12th Grade.  As a co-educational school we have an equal number of males and females enrolled.


What is your affiliation with Columbia University?

Columbia Grammar School was founded in 1764, just 10 years after the founding of Kings College, which became Columbia College, now part of Columbia University. Originally established as a boys preparatory school for Kings College, Columbia Grammar School functioned for 100 years under the direct auspices of the college. 

In 1864, the trustees of Columbia College terminated their relationship with Columbia Grammar School, and the school became a proprietary institution, only achieving its non-profit status in 1941. 


What is the Student/Teacher ratio?

The current Student/Teacher ratio is 5.7 to 1.


Do you offer a nursery school program?

We offer classes beginning at the Pre-Kindergarten level. A Pre-Kindergarten student must be Four years old by September 1st of his/her Pre-Kindergarten year.