Middle School (Grades 5-7)

Columbia Middle School recognizes its responsibility to help each student become a well-educated, responsible, caring, and productive individual. This multi-faceted purpose is our governing philosophy, and it is with this in mind that the academic program and the learning environment are designed.

The School is committed to a rigorous and comprehensive college preparatory curriculum. During the Middle School grade years, emphasis is given to the continuing development of basic skills and critical thinking. We believe that the ability to express oneself, both orally and in writing, is crucial to the student’s academic and future success. Problem solving skills are also essential, and the academic program is designed to produce confident, independent thinkers who can fully apply the basic concepts of earlier grades. The students learn through interactive discussion, cooperative group work, and hands-on activities.

We believe that early adolescents need support and guidance as they enter a crucial period of social and emotional development. We therefore maintain a school environment that purposefully emphasizes kindness, awareness, and respect. Both in and out of the classroom, students have opportunities to support one another, develop strong leadership skills, and contribute meaningfully to their communities.

We additionally seek to lay the foundations for important 21st century skills including collaboration, design thinking, and innovation. Using state-of-the-art equipment, students develop the technological literacies that are now universally valued and increasingly necessary.

We are also committed to maintaining diversity and balance—racial, ethnic and financial—within our school community. In the Middle School division, we take great pride in the quality of our curriculum, the strength of our teachers, and the growth of our students. We are an academic community committed to excellence.